World's Best Makeup Mirror!

World's Best Makeup Mirror!
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As recommended by Good Housekeeping Magazine
(Beauty Editor Eve Cameron, April issue)

The 10 Plus intense magnification of my unique High Definition mirror optimises all lighting conditions so it requires no batteries or light bulbs. Whether you are applying your makeup, plucking your eyebrows, trimming your nasal hair or checking for food stuck in your teeth, the extreme close-up view enables perfect grooming every time.

With a generous 17.5 cm diameter, everyone who owns one finds it absolutely indispensable, especially for lens wearers and "over 40s." Made with high-quality optical glass to give a true and crystal-clear reflection, unlike small cheaper magnifying mirrors that distort and are difficult to use. A MUST-HAVE for those who apply false eyelashes or wear glasses.

Put on your makeup using this amazing product then step back and marvel at what a perfect finish is achieved with this one-of-a-kind mirror. You'd spend a lot more than £26.95 on mascara, eyeshadow and basic makeup items, so why not invest in the best technology to apply them flawlessly?

The Cindy Jackson HD Mirror attaches to any smooth surface, such as a glass window, wall or larger mirror, and locks securely into place. It can then be adjusted to any angle. For travel, the mirror can be attached to the window or seat back of airplanes, trains and cars. You can pull down the meal tray to create a mobile makeup studio, as I do. Never again will you be at the mercy of hotel bathroom lighting. You can use my High Definition Mirror anywhere, anytime!

Ideal for travel - weighs only 240 grams.


All products are in stock and can be sent to any
address worldwide at very low postage & packing charges:
Only £3 per order 1st Class within the UK. 
Only £6 per order Airmail to all other destinations.

 For reviews of this amazing mirror, read on:
Staying in different hotels all the time, it is difficult to get your make-up right. Different lighting, rubbish mirrors. It never feels like home. When I found Cindy Jackson's portable mirror my traveling life changed. My home life changed! Everything changed. The beauty of a portable magnifier . I stick it on the tiles in my bathroom, I stick it on the glass window for perfect day light. I pack it in my suitcase, stick it in the hotel bathroom. It travels everywhere with me. It is so good to see, to see everything. My make-up is now immaculate, no matter where I am, even the boyfriends Campervan! My lashes are separate, My lip line crisp. The beginning of a growing eyebrow hair is now easily plucked. I love it. I do not think I could live without it. I know what I am giving all my girlfriends for Christmas.
- Louise Constad, legendary makeup artist to the stars

We've all come across bad mirrors and horrendously unflattering lighting when applying make-up, which can often distract from allowing us to apply it flawlessly. However, Cosmetic Queen Cindy Jackson has picked up on these conditions and created the Cindy Jackson HD Mirror which optimises lighting conditions and gives a crystal clear true reflection to make the applying process just that little bit easier. Cindy quite rightly explains that 'You'd spend a lot more than £34.95 on mascara, eye shadow and basic makeup items, so why not invest in the best technology to apply them flawlessly? The mirror can be attached to any smooth surface, such as a window, wall or larger mirror and can then be adjusted to any angle to suit you. Similarly, it can also be used when travelling - so no longer are you bound to tiny and unflattering compact mirrors again!
- Sue Moxley, beauty writer

Cindy's HD Mirror is simply indispensable for anyone who has a busy schedule and wants to look their absolute best at all times.  Since I've had one, it takes a fraction of the time for me to do my makeup as I can see clearly exactly where the eyeliner, lipliner, etc., is going and there's no second guessing.  Plucking eyebrows, covering blemishes, putting on false eyelashes is so much easier than ever before!  It's light and portable and such a clever design, with the suction pad at the back - true genius!  As a freelance actress, it is important for me that I turn up for auditions and castings with my makeup looking immaculate (you never get a second chance to make a first impression!) and, just as Cindy says, I do wonder how I ever got along without one?!  Also, the next time I see myself in extreme close-up on the big screen (as I did recently in 'Unconditional 24/7') I will know exactly what to expect!
- Eva Gray, actress

I am always reviewing products and providing easy how-to-do makeup tips. Here is an essential tip for everyone: an amazing high definition mirror at 10 plus magnification and measuring a generous 17.5 cms in diameter. Cindy Jackson has just introduced this brilliant makeup tool.  It has a large suction cup to adhere to any flat surface and it swivels to any angle you wish. So I decided to test my new HD mirror by tweezing my brows. Well I must admit there is no hiding any imperfection! I tweezed hairs I probably have never even seen before. This HD helper gave me an excellent result my brows are groomed to perfection!
- Dunja Ghag, permanent makeup artist and beauty instructor

My first thought was this product was a bit pricey - but after using it for 2 weeks, I've realised it's well worth the money. It has a suction pad that's easy to attach to almost any surface and just as easily removed. Its size is just perfect - big enough to see everything (facially) but small enough to carry around every day or even take on holiday. You do have to be prepared for your reflection - the first time you use it - it's very unforgiving! It's absolutely ideal for applying makeup, plucking eyebrows and particularly putting on those tricky false eyelashes. I would thoroughly recommend the 'high definition' mirror! 
- London Professional Aesthetics (from

And men love it too!

Just had the closest shave with my new Cindy Jackson high definition mirror, it doesn't miss a hair!
- David Van Day, singer

The Cindy Jackson HD mirror truly helps you see everything on your face very clearly. Easy to pack and take on holiday and can be mounted onto most surfaces. Well thought out and priced. Love it!!!!!!!
- Eric Way, fashion designer


Product CodeWorld's Best Makeup Mirror!