CJ INSTANT RESULTS Microdermabrasion™


Product Information
The most effective microdermabrasion product you can buy. Nothing else even compares.  
Contains more exfoliating particles of varying diameters for immediate results you'll love. 
See the proof in magnified samples on a photographic light box showing the particle density, below.

INCREDIBLE VALUE - Generous 200ML = dozens of microdermabrasion treatments!
Much less effective products, including doctor brands, are
 priced at up to £50 ($75) for only 60g, or £350 ($500) for 200ML

A highly effective advanced rejuvenating exfoliator to refine and renew the skin utilising a
perfect balance of natural minerals, anti-oxidant vitamins, plant botanicals & organic ingredients.
Suitable for all skin types.
 Generous 200ml size in an environmentally-friendly re-useable Kilner jar.
Absolutely NOT tested on animals!

Unlike many other exfoliating products Instant Results Microdermabrasion™ contains:
aluminum oxide crystals (AKA "alumina") or any other aluminum derivatives.
NO plastic microbeads that damage the environment and do not exfoliate properly. 

Neither could I, so I developed my own! Now it's the A-listers' choice.
Regular microdermabrasion is one of the secrets of successful anti-ageing.

 "I love Cindy's Instant Results Microdermabrasion. My  
skin feels so smooth and looks radiant afterwards."    
Stefanie Powers, Hollywood star & conservationist (above)

“I use Cindy Jackson Instant Results Microdermabrasion. Cindy is 
basically the queen of anti-ageing and her exfoliating product is quite 
amazing for getting rid of dead skin and refining open pores.” 

Sue Moxley, Celebrity Makuep Artist, Author & Beauty Expert

"Singing Cindy's praises - Instant Results Microdermabrasion. I know this
seems improbable, but my skin was PERFECT. Not a pore out of place.
Rosy. Youthful.  After one use?  I know, I know...but it's true!"

DiviDebi, Celebrity Product Reviewer & World famous Beauty Blogger

I've enjoyed the benefits of regular Microdermabrasion in various forms for many
years and I wanted pure, effective products that I could use myself.  I'm delighted to 
share my personal secret for healthy, young-looking skin that glows with vitality.


Simply put, Microdermabrasion Is exfoliation of the top outer layer of the skin. It resurfaces and rejuvenates skin in a way that the surgeon's scalpel or face creams cannot. Below are some of the benefits of regular Microdermabrasion:

Removes dull, dead skin cells
Reveals fresh, younger-looking skin
Visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
Improves appearance of scars and acne
Reduces sun damage and uneven pigmentation
Helps minimise pore size and other imperfections
Stimulates production of new skin cells
Promotes firmer and younger-looking skin

I tried several sessions of machine-based microdermabrasion in various salons and clinics but found them incredibly time-consuming and expensive, with prices starting at around £80 per single session. There are approximately 50 applications in each 200ml jar INSTANT RESULTS MICRODERMABRASION.

Over the years I also must have tried every microdermabrasion for home use product and exfoliating scrub on the market hoping to find an alternative I could use 2-3 times a week year in and year out. I could not find a single one that was effective on the level I required, despite some costing over £60 for a tiny pot containing only 50ml. Many used aluminium crystals or derivatives, a key ingredient often used in salon or clinical microdermabrasion machines, while others contained chemicals that I would not dream of putting on my skin. Some were made by companies that still use cruel and unnecessary animal testing.

Unable to find a suitable effective microdermabrasion product, I started making my own. I experimented with various ingredients to perfect the very best microdermabrasion product that would not only equal, but actually out-perform expensive salon results. People often commented on my complexion and the smoothness of my skin and asked what I did to get it. After giving samples of my private mixture to a few friends, they all became devotees and wanted to have a constant supply. Finally one of them, a well-known model, suggested that I make it available to everyone.

It took over 2 years' research and development working with one of Europe's leading aromatherapists and and eminent biochemist to produce my INSTANT RESULTS MICRODERMABRASION formula. They are a vast improvement on my original homemade efforts and even more effective.

I've famously spent a lot of money on my face and body and I'm extremely particular about what I put into it and on it. As a vegetarian with a mainly organic diet, I won't use anything on my skin that could be toxic to my system in the long term. I ALWAYS check cosmetic ingredient lists, and so should you. (Also if no cruelty-free declarations are made, always inquire about the company's animal testing policy.) This product does not contain:

Aluminium in any form
Plastic microbeads
Petro-chemical derivatives

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

Men also love Instant Results Microdermabrasion™ for the smooth shave they get after using it!

All products can be sent to any
address worldwide at very low postage & packing charges:
Only £3 per order 1st Class within the UK. 
Only £6 (or €7 / $8) per order Airmail to all other destinations.
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