Don't get botched!

Are you considering cosmetic procedures?
Worried about making the wrong choices?

Do you spend hours “researching online? If so, are you aware of Search Engine Bias?
Do you know who really controls content and profits from cosmetic surgery forums?
Would you ever choose YOUR doctor after reading pre-selected anonymous reviews?
Can you spot when a doctor's “before and after” pictures have been photosphopped?
Would you have faith in a doctor or clinic simply because they appeared in the media?

Most “botched” patients made choices based on marketing & PR they mistook for reliable information.

"The reality is that, unlike Cindy Jackson and her private clients, most patients do not receive truly amazing results.
This is evidenced by the growing number of strange, unnatural-looking faces you see in out public and in the media."

Today the biggest factor that consistently results in disappointment is choosing the wrong medical practitioner.
Whenever unhappy patients 
contact me for help I always ask them, "How did you choose your doctor?" The answer
is normally one of the the same top ten. Below are six
 of them.  

1) GOOGLE. Search results are based on keywords, SEO rankings and your location, not medical excellence. 
2) MORE SHOWBIZ THAN MEDICAL WEB SITE. If the doctor is more about media exposure than patient care, BEWARE.
3) BEST SURGEONS GUIDES are compiled by tabloid newspapers or fashion magazines. Listings can be bought by PR agents.
4) LOCATION. A famous address (Harley St, Park Ave, Beverly Hills, etc.) cannot and does not guarantee safety, efficacy or excellence.
5) ONLINE FORUMS. Normally run by nonmedical business interests. they often contain fake reviews, photoshopped pictures, paid promotions and highly inaccurate information.  
6) THE DOCTOR WAS ON TV OR IN THE MEDIA. Fame, celebrity and TV appearances are no indicators of excellence. Instead, they can even be a red flag.

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My unique, ever-expanding consultancy and specialist inside information service was established over 3 decades ago. Therefore I can remember when the most popular operations were rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and facelift. However, today revision surgery is one of the most requested procedures. An enormous number of doctors are qualified to practice aesthetic medicine today.  As with all professions, there is a broad spectrum of surgical skill, regardless of accreditation. At the bottom end of the spectrum are those who produce inferior results, in the middle those who produce average results and at the top end those who produce excellent results. This spectrum not only applies to surgical ability, but also to varying quality of techniques, medical devices (implants etc) and products (fillers etc). Whether planning my own procedures or helping others plan theirs, I only ever consider the top "excellent" end of the spectrum. That is the key to my sucess and to that of my private clients.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please check with me before acting on outdated information (over 6 months old) concerning my surgery, practitioners or past appearances in any online videos, TV shows, news features, etc, many of which were edited or voiced over for tabloid media agendas. My information and referrals are 100% reliable and up to the minute at all times, unlike the internet.  For example, due to various reasons, including retirement and discovering new practitioners, today I do not go to the same doctors for my own surgical or nonsurgical procedures that I did in previous years. The field of aesthetics is constantly evolving and moving forward, while "online is forever." So by definition there will always be a profusion of obsolete and misleading information in your search results, which is by no means limited to aesthetics. Lastly, I know countless doctors and attend medical conferences so I'm often photographed with doctors I may have only met once. So if you ever see me pictured with a doctor, it may or may not be one that I recommend. Online forums linking me with certain doctors are not to be trusted. Always check with me first!