Expert Hair Replacement

UNDETECTABLE techniques FOr men and women


Nothing instantly transforms, beautifies and anti-ages like hair. Whether it’s a transplant, addition of length and volume or even just a new cut & colour, having the right hair can take decades off your appearance and make you look – and feel – immediately younger and more attractive.

Modern technology has brought hair replacement into the 21st Century. Hair enhancement need no longer appear false or wig-like, which defeats the purpose. Evidence of revolutionary hair transplant methods like FUE and the highest quality natural hair additions are completely undetectable to the observer.


Expert advice and referrals are available for all of the hair solutions below.

  • Latest FUE and FUT hair transplants all types of hair loss
  • Nanofat stem cell treatment to stimulate hair growth
  • Revision of previous botched hair replacement
  • Transplant for volume to eyebrows, eyelashes & beard
  • Restoration of natural hairline after facial lift (sideburn)
  • No-damage hair extensions for women
  • Believable wigs, add-ons & hairpieces for everyday or occasion wear, alopecia & chemotherapy


As with all aesthetic procedures, obvious-looking work has the opposite effect and attracts attention for all the wrong reasons. Results must appear completely natural at all times. Telltale signs to avoid include:

  • Antiquated “doll hair” punch grafts
  • Scars from botched hair transplant
  • Follicles placed without regard to natural hair pattern
  • Extensions that ultimately cause hair loss
  • Unrealistically shiny, all-one-shade monofibre
  • Cheap looking nylon wigs or toupees


I’m acutely aware of the importance of hair to the aesthetic of youth and beauty. Over the years I’ve witnessed astounding improvements in both appearance and confidence of so many of my clients after various types of hair restoration and enhancement.

Several years ago I had my hairline restored with FUE transplants after facelifts had raised it by 2 centimetres. The results are completely natural and undetectable. Individual follicles were inserted in the direction of growth, blending in perfectly with no visible scars whatsoever.  I can wear my hair up and even under the closest inspection no one would ever know – unless they’ve read this!


In-person in London or Geneva, or via video using WhatsApp. Alternatively by telephone or email with photos. Cindy offers personal consultations to suit your schedule and location. Detailed treatment plan and follow-up included. Longer consultations are also available. Additionally by special arrangement, Cindy may be retained for extended support such as accompanying clients to medical appointments and procedures.


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