Modern Maxillofacial

Beauty begins with proportion


Maxillofacial surgery addresses proportion and symmetry, mainly of the jaw and lower face. It can also improve functionality – such as when the bite is misaligned. Diverse types of facial irregularities may be corrected with specialised integrated treatments including orthagnatic and oral surgery, orthodontics and restorative dentistry.



  • An otherwise attractive face with a disproportionate jaw or unbalanced lower face can be made stunningly beautiful.
  • Correctly performed maxillofacial surgery has one of the highest satisfaction rates of all aesthetic procedures.
  • Results are permanent and do not need to be repeated.
  • Where chin and jaw implants are indicated, the latest materials are used to augment and create definition. A receding chin may also be moved forward surgically as an alternative to a chin implant.


  • Cosmetic or plastic surgeons do not perform maxillofacial surgery – they are different fields of medicine.
  • When orthodontics are part of the treatment plan, it can be a long-term commitment of several months or more.
  • A maxillofacial team must be chosen very carefully to ensure the desired outcome. Experience, medical expertise, good communication and advanced diagnostics are key.


By the late 1990s I had made a lot of  improvements to my face, but further progress was held back by my prominent chin, which threw off my facial proportion and balance.

Back then maxillofacial surgery was relatively uncommon, so a vast amount of research was required before I proceeded with my maxillofacial chin reduction, or sliding genioplasty. The result was a dream come true and it gave me the classic proportion I learned about in Art College decades before.

Today I work with the absolute top multi disciplinary team of maxillofacial specialists in London who now make my own clients’ dreams come true by safely creating proportion, balance and life-enhancing attractiveness.



In-person in London or Geneva, or via video using WhatsApp. Alternatively by telephone or email with photos. Cindy offers personal consultations to suit your schedule and location. Detailed treatment plan and follow-up included. Longer consultations are also available. Additionally by special arrangement, Cindy may be retained for extended support such as accompanying clients to medical appointments.


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