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Why have a consultation: Aesthetics has become a highly competitive, multibillion-dollar global industry. As an insider since 1987, I have witnessed the pursuit of profit increasingly prioritized over excellence. Misinformation and aggressive marketing have become the norm, causing confusion and poor patient choices. Consequently, costly revisions have also become a thriving, lucrative industry. With the right information, second-rate results and do-overs are avoidable.

Who my clients are: Clients value my one-to-one personal advice because they are busy, risk-averse people who want the bottom-line facts. I save them time and money. Many have followed my career for years and are familiar with my long-established reputation: I know the aesthetic world inside out and have an incomparable track record. The consistent success of my own procedures – spanning four decades – remains unprecedented. My clients prefer to discuss their aesthetic procedures with me because I have already successfully undergone them. Helping others maximize their beauty potential is my passion.

In-Person or Online: Both types of consultation function in essentially the same way. Prior to your consultation, I will send you a link to a confidential client questionnaire. Photographs are optional, but helpful. When your consultation begins, we will discuss your requirements in detail, and I will answer all your questions. Drawing on more than 36 years’ unparalleled experience and insider knowledge, I will go over your best options with you and make recommendations based your individual needs.

One hour can cover up to two surgical operations and three nonsurgical treatments. Further time may be booked for complex revisions and those considering multiple procedures. Many clients have regular consultations to ensure their beauty and anti-aging programs are up-to-date and on track.

As this is a quickly-evolving field, all recommendations are valid for 6 months only. After 6 months, or to discuss new procedures, a new consultation is required. 

Follow-up: I request that my clients keep me informed of their progress until treatment is complete.

Please note: I usually suggest doctors within the UK, where I am based and have all my procedures done. (Most of my international clients travel to London for treatment.) I only recommend doctors whom I have chosen, or would choose, for my own treatments. Selecting a doctor or treatment are personal choices, and ultimately the responsiblity of each patient.

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1 hour video consultation from my London office to wherever you are in the world. Zoom is my preferred platform for reliability and ease of use. I just send you a link via email to click on; you do not need to sign up. (If you prefer to use a different platform, just let me know on the form.)

To reserve and pay for a 1 hour video consultation, please click the button below, which will take you to the secure payment form.

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1 hour in-person consultation in London in a discreet private premises with a relaxing atmosphere.

Most of my international and UK-based clients choose to have their surgery in London, like I do. London is home to some of the world’s most talented doctors.

To book a 1 hour in-person consultation in London, please click the button below, which will take you to the application form.

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Use this form to request help with your booking or other details regarding your consultation. Please supply all relevant specifics to help us answer your query, including procedure/s of interest. Note: This form is for booking enquiries only. Questions about doctors and treatments are not addressed outside consultations.