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Unique career

Cindy Jackson, pictured right in 2021, is a renowned visionary and pioneer in the field of aesthetic surgery and anti-ageing. Regularly featured in the global media, she is a popular guest speaker at international medical conferences and continues to be the go-to expert for Sky News and other outlets. She also provided the concept for several hit TV shows.

Now in her sixties, Cindy appears decades younger. Correspondingly, she also enjoys the glowing health and vitality of youth, having developed an unparalleled anti-ageing program by cherry picking and combining the most advanced exclusive treatments and functional medicine available today. Cindy is living proof that with her exclusive expertise, “60 is the new 30.”

A trusted name since 1987, she has helped thousands of others achieve outstanding results using her unique no-fail formula for success that has been honed to perfection over three decades.

Cindy is the mastermind behind numerous A-list makeovers – the ones who do not appear “done,” but naturally beautiful and younger than their years, an absolute must since the camera never fails to detect and amplify bad work. This is just one of the reasons she has always attracted a star-studded, elite client base – absolute discretion being another important factor. The correct combination of surgical and/or nonsurgical procedures performed by her specialist practitioners ensures a stunning, harmonious result that is unattainable elsewhere.

Cindy Jackson pictured exclusively here in 2021. More new pictures from 2021 are on the Home page  all main Treatment pages and where indicated on the Q&A page.


“Helping others safely achieve natural-looking beautiful results is my business – whether you’re a
Superstar or you just want to look like one! I believe in maximum results with minimal intervention.”

Cindy Jackson



I grew up in the USA, where I studied art and photography. After  qualifying as a certified professional photographer, I moved to London in 1977 on a Harvard University student exchange program. Arriving with just 2 suitcases and $600, I worked my way through art college then furthered my studies with auxiliary courses. In the 1980s I had the novel idea to embark upon a revolutionary plan to use my art training to reinvent myself with a younger, more attractive exterior that better matched how I felt inside. It was more successful than I dared dream possible. But of course I’m not perfect – no one is. Perfection was never the aim. Instead, maximum improvement is a realistic and achievable. goal.

After my project was featured in the press by a journalist friend along with my before and after photos, I was famous overnight. Prospective patients from all over the world began contacting me for advice. To handle the deluge of enquiries, I established my one of a kind aesthetic consultancy, which is still going stronger than ever in 2021. Throughout my long and unique career I’ve had the privilege of applying my unrivalled wealth of knowledge to help countless others realise their full youth and beauty potential.

Photo: In my 20s on the left, and in my 60s on the right. 


When I started out I was told there are three rules in cosmetic surgery:

1. You can’t make a plain person attractive
2. You can’t change bone structure
3. You can’t take more than 10 years off a face

I broke all three rules and pioneered the Extreme Makeover in 1987, always insisting on timeless, classic results that appear convincingly younger and natural, never plastic or “done.” My approach was both artistic and scientific. I applied the principles of beauty from my art studies, including nature’s own universal equation for perfect proportion, together with the laws of anthropological laws of attraction. Working from the list below, I drew up a plan.



the plan


  • Less tired looking eyes
  • Smaller, more elegant nose
  • Feminine jaw and chin
  • Perfect smile
  • Balanced facial proportion
  • Flawless complexion
  • Classic, refined features
  • Slim, youthful figure
  • Fresh and natural overall appearance
  • To never look old


  • Eye, face & neck lift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Minimal intervention cosmetic dentistry
  • Dermabrasion
  • Chemical peels
  • Specialist autologous fat transfer
  • Exclusive secret treatments from my very own “Fountain of Youth”
  • Specific details of exactly what I’ve done are only discussed with individual clients during their private consultation if they ask. I’ve never revealed them publicly as they are my trade secrets. So don’t believe everything you read. All the preposterous “lists” of my surgery in the press and online are 100% totally fabricated. I don’t give interviews to the tabloid media, so they just make them up, often complete with my stolen copyright photos and fake “quotes!” More info about that here.

Back in the 1980s no one had ever done anything like that before so I had no role models to follow. Despite the astounding amount of contradictory, confusing and misleading information I encountered (which is even more prevalent today), I was determined to reach my goals and never gave up. During the process I gained invaluable inside knowledge about what works and what doesn’t, how to find the best doctors, ways to ensure that surgery never goes wrong and the secrets of achieving the very best results in the safest, most cost-effective manner. I’ve successfully undergone numerous procedures and single-handedly redefined the boundaries of anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine.


The result

Here’s a lighthearted 30 second animated film that illustrates how I used plastic
surgery to change my looks and my life. I think it about sums things up!

But Some  things haven’t changed…

The Verdict

those who’ve met me in the “flesh!”

When Cindy Jackson decided to transform her face, she followed what she calls ‘some basic anthropological laws of human attraction.’ None of this surprises researchers studying physical attraction…Perceptions of beauty are universal and automatic, they say, in direct response to specific facial characteristics.
Lynn Smith, The Los Angeles Times

With laser-beam precision, she has repositioned tissue, cartilage and bone to transform herself into one of the most desirable women of the late 20th century.
Corinna Honan, The Daily Telegraph

She altered her appearance with plastic surgery, emerging as a kind of self-proclaimed test of the correlation between looks and success.
Hugh Downs, ABC 20/20

A true scientist behind a beautiful mask.
Dr. Neil Shulman, author of the book and hit movie, ‘Doc Hollywood’
A woman that has everything going for her. She is very bright, very accomplished and very successful.
Jerry Springer, The Jerry Springer Show
Cindy is sitting opposite me… With her blonde hair, her pouty lips and her perfectly tilted nose, I have the weird sensation that all my sexual buttons are being pushed. Which of course they are… Beneath that plastic façade is an extremely intelligent woman.
David Thomas, The Daily Express

You’ve seen her on television, you’ve seen her in all the newspapers and repeatedly on This Morning, but Cindy Jackson in the perfect flesh still comes as a surprise. She is much slimmer than you expect and much, much prettier. Not Bionic Woman, not a Barbie doll, but intelligent, direct, engaging and, here’s the paradox, real.
Ruth Gorb, H&H Express
Her youthful looks and superb body have little to do with Mother Nature. On meeting Cindy, her cool blonde perfection is intimidating. But as she starts talking, it’s clear she’s still an unaffected small-town girl at heart.
Sunday Magazine
Farm-girl turned cover-girl.
Wendy Leigh, The Sunday Mirror

For Cindy Jackson, the high priestess of cosmetic surgery, the pursuit of perfection transformed her from nerdy nobody to one of London’s most beautiful sirens. Cindy truly is the ultimate makeover.
Sophie Blyth, Cover Shots

Some people who’ve had cosmetic surgery look grotesque. Cindy looks great.
Candice Bergen, American film and television star
She has a beauty queen’s face that won’t fade with time or dull from a dazzling socialite lifestyle. Her treatments read like a cosmetic surgeon’s manual. The details of which would make your blood curdle.
Katrina Tweedie, Daily Record
It took determination – and a lot of money – to turn Cindy from an average looking woman into a head-turning stunner.
Carol Johnson, First For Women
Undergoing everything from facelifts to liposuction to nose jobs, she transformed herself from a plain midwestern farm girl to a glamorous beauty.
Cathy Stapells, Toronto Sun
Her metamorphosis began in 1987. From that point on, Cindy began to completely redesign her face and body… A living breathing doll brought to life by a surgeon’s scalpel.
Todd Richard Newton, Plastic Surgery on E!
She has a Barbie doll body and a Hollywood face.
Esther Oxford, The Independent on Sunday
She has a perfect face, a perfect figure and she looks about 30 years younger than her age. Her image is so smooth and seamless you would think she was the original, carefree natural beauty. This blonde stunner who is now the toast of the London party circuit was once a frumpy US farm girl.
Vicky Davidson, Sunday Mail

Hers is the modern fairy-tale of the archetypal ugly duckling who was determined to be a swan… She is quite open about her odyssey for a complete aesthetic overhaul. 
Deborah Hutton, Vogue Magazine
Is Jackson’s quest to make herself physically attractive extreme? By everyday standards, yes. Is it entirely misguided? Perhaps not. Research demonstrates that it pays to be physically attractive.
Steven Neuberg, PhD, Social Psychology (University textbook)
A woman who looks decades younger than her age with a towering intellect with a true understanding of human behaviour.  Cindy’s real-life perspective is amazingly consistent with volumes of scientific research conducted by top scholars at universities around the world.
Gordon L. Patzer PhD, author of ‘The Physical Attractiveness Phenomena’
Cindy Jackson has taken her innate brilliance and raw courage and sculpted a Botticelli. She is magnificent.
Dr. Stephen Marquardt, Originator of the Golden Mask 
Since 1988 she has had just about every op going to transform herself from farm girl to blonde bombshell… Living doll Cindy boasts an IQ of 164 and Mensa membership to counter any bimbo image.
Paula Jones, Sunday Magazine
This is not a stereotypical ditzy blonde. She’s incredibly bright and has been very calculating about making these changes to transform her life.
Leeza Gibbons, the Leeza Show
Frequently described as Barbie-made-flesh, it is a grave mistake to assume that she is in any way Barbie-brained. Unique in having lived with two faces, she is under no illusions as to which has given her the most power. Any theory that personality can sometimes win the day is swept away as grown men literally dribble in her presence.
Janie Lawrence, Life

The result is stunning. Ms. Jackson looks 25 and only has to step outside her luxury Melbourne hotel to turn heads.
Veronica Masterson, Sunday Magazine (Australia)
During our interview that night I never felt so ugly in my entire life as I witnessed man after man coming up to Jackson and telling her that she was the most beautiful woman he ever saw. Not a single man even glanced at me as I was sitting at Jackson’s side. It was a humbling experience for me to say the least. I saw a confidant Yuppie visibly shake as he gave her his card. I saw a cocky rapper bedecked with gold jewellery go completely gaga over her. It was then and there that I became a believer in Cindy Jackson.
Tanya Augsburg, PhD, Thesis on Body Modification
I’d do her.
Howard Stern
She looked better at 35 than she did at 25, and even better in her 60s than she did at 35. Before I met Cindy Jackson, I would never have believed it possible for anyone to actually get younger-looking by the decade.
Eileen Spence-Moncrieff, Goodlife Magazine
I first interviewed Cindy about seven years ago, just as her won remodeling programme was beginning to earn her a certain celebrity. Since then I have become older, fatter and balder. Cindy has been moving in the opposite direction. She is even more physically delicate and her face seems neater and prettier than before.
David Thomas, Sunday Telegraph

Hyperfeminized, hyperbuffed surfaces aside, it’s Cindy’s spirit that’s lovable. Surgery hasn’t obscured the bookish farm girl with wild dreams.
Pat Leeds Blashill, Details Magazine

Cindy had a lot of things stacked against her apart from her disadvantaged childhood… After years of watching silently from the sidelines, she was aware of the power of beauty. Like a modern day Eliza Doolittle, the unloved and unpopular Cindy deliberately turned herself into a beauty to live the life of her fantasies..The new Cindy lives a charmed life.
Jane Savva, Daily Record
I thought she was pretty before.
Cindy’s Mom





Private consultations with me are available to suit your schedule and location via video using Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Meet or Zoom. Alternatively by telephone or email with pre-emailed photos. Longer consultations upon application. Additionally by special arrangement, I may be retained for extended ongoing support.

Each one hour in-depth consultation includes assessment of your particular needs to create an individual treatment plan for up to two surgical operations plus any nonsurgical treatments of interest, and follow-up afterwards. Further consultations must be booked for subsequent procedures. More information here.

As this is a very quickly-evolving field, all recommendations are valid for 6 months only and may be re-confirmed with me via email. After 12 months, if more procedures are desired a new consultation is required. All consultations are with me personally. You are assured of absolute confidentiality at all times.

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