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Helping others achieve naturally beautiful results is my business.
Cindy Jackson before and after surgery. 1977 and now.

"Cindy's surgery style has never been 'Artificial Hollywood' or 'Overdone Essex.'  
It is 'Timeless European Elegance' instead." 

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." - Albert Einstein

Cindy Jackson has been a member of Mensa since 1978.

My results are natural-looking with no detectable traces of surgery.  Since 1987 I've helped thousands of others safely achieve their own outstanding results using my unique formula for success. Over the past 27 years I've seen lots of changes. Surgeons have retired and been replaced by the next generation. Useless faddish procedures still come and go every year. New techniques continue to evolve. However one thing remains the same: Far too many patients receive unsatisfactory results and pay more than necessary. And when revision surgery is required, they end up paying twice. 

                                                         "These days the best surgery is not necessarily the most expensive."

Today the biggest factor that consistently results in disappointment is choosing the wrong medical practitioner. Whenever unhappy patients contact me for help I always ask them, "How did you choose your doctor?" The answer is normally one of the the same top ten. Below are five of them.  
2) BEST SURGEONS GUIDES compiled by tabloid newspapers or fashion magazines.
3) LOCATION. They assumed a famous address (Harley St, Park Ave, Beverly Hills, etc.) always means the best results

4) Popular ONLINE FORUMS they were not aware might contain false information, innaccuracies, ommisions and paid promotions. 
5) Having only SEEN THE DOCTOR ON TV OR IN THE MEDIA! Fame, celebrity and media exposure are not indications of excellence. 

The other five answers, along with the many crucial keys to success and avoiding failure can be found in my brand new book. Click HERE for details. 

"It's common knowledge among the medical community that it's simply not possible to 
  get the best surgery without inside information - and Cindy is the ultimate insider."

My unique and ever-expanding specialist inside information service was established almost 3 decades ago. Therefore I can remember when the most popular operations were rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and facelift. However, today revision surgery is one of the most requested procedures. An enormous number of doctors are qualified to practice aesthetic medicine compared to 30 years ago. As with all professions, there is a broad spectrum of surgical skill, regardless of accreditation. At the bottom end of the spectrum are those who produce inferior results, in the middle those who produce average results and at the top end those who produce excellent results. This spectrum not only applies to surgical ability, but also to varying quality of techniques, medical devices (implants, etc) and products (fillers etc). Whether planning my own procedures or helping others plan theirs, I only ever consider the top "excellent" end of all these spectrums. That is the key to my success, and it can be yours too. 

PLEASE NOTE: Because I'm very involved consulting with clients, communicating with surgeons, doing research or
otherwise remaining "hands on" in this complex, ever-evolving specialty, I don't have much time to participate in social 
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