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Cindy Jackson has been one of the most trusted names in aesthetics and anti-aging since 1987. She is known for her unique expertise from both sides of the scalpel. Her dedication to always having the latest bottom-line factual information in an increasingly complex field puts her in a league of her own. In 2023, Cindy launched her must-read digital book for patients, How Not To Get Botched. It reveals the hidden pitfalls to which even the most savvy patients who “did their research” fall victim.
The greatest threat patients face today is the rampant misinformation surrounding every aspect of aesthetics. Cindy has long been a target for such misinformation. Made-up clickbait claims include that she  underwent dozens of full-scale operations. Another is that she holds the  world record for plastic surgery, despite the glaring fact that no such record, title, or category exists. Click here for the full story and official statement from Guinness World Records.
With patients’ chances of success increasingly undermined by misinformation from multiple sources, Cindy’s role is more important than ever. She knows fact from fiction – what works and what doesn’t, what options are available, and what prices to pay. With over 70,000 hours of in-depth experience, plus client satisfaction spanning over three and a half decades, Cindy is committed to helping others achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. Read more…


Private consultations with me are available to suit your schedule and location via video using Zoom, or your preferred platform. Longer consultations are available upon application. Additionally by special arrangement, I may be retained for extended ongoing support.

Each one hour in-depth consultation includes assessment of your particular needs to create an individual treatment plan for up to two surgical operations and advice on nonsurgical treatments. One hour is normally sufficient in most cases, however more time may be required for complex revisions. Further consultations must be booked for subsequent procedures. More information here.

As this is a rapidly evolving field, all recommendations are valid for 6 months only and may be re-confirmed with me via email. After 12 months, if more procedures are desired a new consultation is required. All consultations are with me personally. You are assured of absolute confidentiality at all times.

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