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to date I’ve had 14 surgical procedures
PERFORMED in  9 operations. I’ve never
revealed specific details publicly.
all  Media  LIsts are nonsensical speculation.

To journalists and members of the media who wish to write about me or request an interview, please read:

Misinformation is far and away the number one reason patients end up botched or otherwise dissatisfied with their results. It has also blighted my life and career in many ways.

Over the years I’ve been the victim of many fake news stories, clickbait articles and copyright infringements, as have countless others. For this reason I rarely give interviews, and have not done so for years. Since my entire career is based on honest disclosure about my own procedures and meticulous fact-finding for my clients. I have no patience for the way details are gratuitously altered and absurd stories are made up to garner attention and clicks.

During the pandemic a deluge of made-up “news” stories began circulating the internet after an article about me appeared out of the blue in a UK online newspaper using my copyright images and linking to my personal Instagram photos. This has been unsettling both personally and professionally, as I have friends and clients all over the world. It also misinforms and insults the intelligence of their readers, an enormous number of whom actively seek reliable information about cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing.

Countries where these articles appeared include: the UK, Finland, Romania, Russia, Indonesia, Israel, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary, Malaysia, Croatia, Serbia, Paraguay, India, Argentina, Slovakia, Estonia, Indonesia, Viet Nam – and many, many more as the fake viral stories continued to replicate and mutate. The social media share buttons on each article and the echo chamber that is the internet enabled these stories to proliferate far and wide beyond their borders. So despite having spent a lot of time and energy getting many of them taken down, it is an endless task. I resent having to divert resources away from what I do best to instead play Whack-a-Mole with clickbait and fake news,.

How it happened: Due to the lack of entertainment news, red carpet events, in-person interviews and photo sessions available during the pandemic, some media outlets began raiding Instagram and other web sites for images to use in fake news stories, with copycat outlets sending them viral. When my personal photos began appearing in fake news stories around the world, I was forced to close my Instagram page and delete my business Facebook account. That’s why all photos on this web site are now clearly watermarked with my copyright placed so it can no longer be cropped out. (Comically, some had even resorted to cropping above my eyebrows to cut out the copyright watermark across my forehead!) Frustrated by this, one publication actually stooped to using a picture they found of me taken in 1998 to place beneath their “news” headline declaring it’s how I look now. Although I look younger today than I did 24 years ago.

It couldn’t be easier to contact me to get the facts – or to use the facts right in front of them on this site and my social media pages while they were stealing my images, yet none of them did. This was intentional. Desperate for clicks and unwilling to pay for copyright photos, they shamelessly helped themselves to images that I own and concocted sensational fact-free clickbait stories to accompany them and attributed made up quotes to me. Then others felt free to copy and paste for their own clickbait publications, adding their own fictional headlines and spin angles.

All these “news” sites include social media share buttons with the articles, encouraging others to spread their clickbait as far as possible in order to bring more visitors to their site (and place tracking files on your device, aka “cookies”), increasing their advertising revenue which, unbeknownst to their readers, is the only reason they exist in the first place. Studies show that fake news outperforms real news and lies spread faster than truth, so it’s a calculated profits-over-facts strategy.

Most also have comment sections, encouraging anonymous trolls fired up by the fiction they just read to bully and spew hatred towards me for things I’ve never said or done. But like attack dogs in training who’ve been given the command, they’re only savaging a non-human effigy. The false persona made up for clickbait stories does not exist and bears no resemblance to me.

When I exposed these fake news stories on my now-closed Instagram account, the overwhelming response was “Don’t worry about it, nobody believes a word the media says anyway.” So that’s the price they have all paid – the honest and ethical ones included.

The most consistent false claim they like to copy and paste is that I’ve had dozens of surgical operations, with the numbers 47 and 52 appearing repeatedly. I can’t even NAME 47 operations and I’ve been in the business almost 35 years. Anyone whose had 47 or more operations would look like a patchwork quilt and probably have health issues.

I’ve had at total of 14 surgical procedures performed in 9 operations since 1987. (And that was plenty – if you don’t think so, you try it!) My former Guinness Record was for Most Cosmetic Procedures, not most cosmetic surgery. They officially counted non-surgical treatments as “procedures” many years ago. These included facials, regular exfoliation, tooth whitening, permanent makeup, injections and various salon sessions – none of which are full-scale surgical operations by any stretch of the imagination. Since then many, many others have had a lot more than me, for better or for worse

Due to the misuse of my information, specific details of exactly what I’ve had done to date have not been revealed publicly or to the media and are only discussed with individual clients during a private consultation if they ask. The wildly varying outlandish surgery “lists” attributed to me are pure fiction and laughably inaccurate.  

On the contrary, I’ve always believed in minimal intervention for maximum results, for both myself and my private clients. This requires careful planning – knowing what will give the most improvement, what works and what doesn’t, then having everything done in the correct order. The fewer operations to achieve your goals, the better. Health first, always.

Fake news and misleading information in the media and other platforms are directly responsible for a growing number of botched patients who act on it. I know this for a fact because they come to me for help.

Back in 1987 when I was convinced by a journalist friend to give my first press interview, I had no way of knowing what the media would become in future decades. If I’d had a crystal ball, I would have unquestionably taken a very different path. However you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. I did get to meet some good journalists along the way, some who became friends, and many who became clients. Today, due to repeated misrepresentation, I’ve not spoken to the media for years, except to appear as an expert on live news shows that cannot be edited to a hidden agenda.

If there was ever a true story that needs no sensationalising or dumbing-down in order to get clicks, it’s mine. The truth is far more interesting than anything that’s ever been made up. I also have a wealth of valuable inside knowledge about a stratospherically popular subject that attracts a vast audience. Thanks to the ever-growing profusion of fake news and wilful inaccuracies, the factual bottom-line information I offer to private clients through my consultancy has never been more rare, valued and in demand. It’s simply impossible for prospective patients, whose looks and lives are at stake, to find such factual information elsewhere.

Honest, trustworthy journalists who work with ethical publications are welcome to get in touch to help redress the balance. There are plenty of rehashed fake news stories and out-dated pictures of me on the internet, but nothing at all from recent years when so much has happened, and so much has changed. However, be aware that I require fact-checking and copy approval in view of my myriad of bad experiences and the potential for viral proliferation, so if that’s a deal-breaker so be it. Anyone left may use the form below.

Many thanks for reading.

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