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My surgical results are natural and undetectable - yours should be too. Over the past 27 years I've seen a lot of changes. Surgeons have retired and been replaced by the next generation. Clinics open and close leaving patients in the lurch. Useless faddish procedures still come and go every year. New techniques continue to evolve. However one thing remains the same: Misleading informaton means more patients than ever receive unsatisfactory results and pay too much. (When revision surgery is required, they end up paying twice.) Choosing medical practitioners using Google, online forums or sponsored "top surgeons" lists is now the number one factor in causes of disappointment.

"It is common knowledge among the medical community that it's simply not possible to get the best surgery without inside information -  and Cindy is the ultimate insider." 

My unique and ever-growing specialist inside information service has been available for almost 3 decades, yet the number of strange-looking and disastrous results is skyrocketing to epidemic proportions. I'm seeing so many people who've had things done that won't look good in 1, 5, 10 - or 25 years. NOT, however, among my private clients. None of them had PIP implants for example, which were never used by any of my choice of surgeons. Like me, my clients enjoy safe, natural results that will stand the test of time.
"A consultation with Cindy will help you make the right choices and save you a fortune."
When I started out I was told there are three rules in cosmetic surgery:

1.You can't make a plain person attractive
2. You can't change bone structure

3. You can't take more than 10 years off a face

I broke all three rules and set a new world record. Yet I wanted to look convincingly younger and natural, not plastic or "done." In the beginning there was a lot of trial and error, taking one step forward and two steps back. But I was determined to reach my goals and never gave up. During the process I gained invaluable inside knowledge about what works and what doesn't, why surgery sometimes goes wrong and the secrets of achieving  the very best results in the safest, most cost-effective manner.

Click on the heart below to reqest details of the Croatian clinic where
 I recently had outstanding surgery, as recently seen in the Mail on Sunday.

Here you can clearly see the "dents" on either side of my mouth
that have often been mentioned (even on Good Morning America)
when others try to find fault with my surgery. In fact they are the
ONLY original feature on my face: the dimples I was born with!

Me at age 4 back on the farm. A lot
has changed - but not the dimples!


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