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In both my personal and professional experience, transforming the ageing face and body is a unique speciality in itself. Although anti-ageing techniques can overlap those employed strictly for beautification, a different set of challenges is presented to those of younger patients, and must be addressed accordingly.  These include changes in skin texture, muscle tone, bone loss, hormone levels and possible legacy of earlier cosmetic surgery – to name but a few. Some things that work perfectly well on younger patients are not appropriate for older patients, and vice versa.



  • When you look young you feel young.
  • Age discrimination is real. Looking younger opens up more of life’s opportunities.
  • Increased life expectancy means a larger proportion of our time on earth will extend into old age. We we will be older for longer than in previous generations.
  • Growing older is a privilege denied to many. Why not make the most of it?
  • Having a youthful appearance and the wisdom of age is the best of both worlds.
  • Certain beautifying procedures, such as rhinoplasty, are also anti-ageing since noses become more prominent with time. Accordingly, a nose job performed a few decades earlier could have changed over time so may benefit from an update.
  • With my guidance you won’t waste time and money on useless treatments and do-overs. Careful planning is essential, as is having the right combination of procedures in the correct order. The goal is to look naturally younger and fresh, not merely like an old person with a facelift or someone who has had too much surgery.
  • Looking young and beautiful will really annoy your enemies! (Over 40, who doesn’t have at least one enemy?)


  • Numerous procedures with healing time in between are normally required to produce extremely younger results. They are performed in stages over a period of time, so you can have as much or as little done as you wish or as finances allow.
  • Earlier choices may no longer serve you. For example women may find that the large breast implants they had in their younger days don’t suit them anymore and opt to have them removed and get a youthful uplift instead. Older women without implants may go straight to the lift, or a breast reduction and lift, depending on their circumstances.
  • Some faces get thinner, some become fuller over time. This must be factored in when making a treatment plan. For clues about how your face may age, look at your parents and grandparents.
  • After a certain age, some traditional procedures may not be the best choice over more modern-day options.
  • Beware of “cookie-cutter” doctors who use the same techniques for all their patients and do not  differentiate older patients and their  needs.
  • Undergoing the wrong treatments or procedures can be very ageing.


The first part of my surgical journey was spent utilising my art training and the very best surgical and non-surgical treatments to look as good as possible. Over the years I continued to have maintenance tweaks here and there.

However as I began to age, a different approach was required. I didn’t like the idea of looking old and was determined to discover a Fountain of Youth, both for myself and my private clients. I wanted to access the most authentic age-defying results on the planet. And I succeeded. Now I offer these exclusive secrets to my clients who wish to look 10, 20 or even 30 years younger.

Today I’m in my 60s but often mistaken for 30s, including regularly being delayed at passport control by incredulous immigration officers. My private clients who have been through my Extreme Anti-Ageing process gleefully report their own experiences of being taken for decades younger.

Pictured in my 20s, then how I might have aged and how I look in my 60s. Sorry for the intrusive watermarks, but an older version of this image was often stolen from this site and used for made-up clickbait stories.




Private consultations with me are available to suit your schedule and location via video using Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Meet or Zoom. Alternatively by telephone or email with pre-emailed photos. Longer consultations upon application. Additionally by special arrangement, I may be retained for extended ongoing support.

Each one hour in-depth consultation includes assessment of your particular needs to create an individual treatment plan for up to two surgical operations plus any nonsurgical treatments of interest, and follow-up afterwards. Further consultations must be booked for subsequent procedures. More information here.

As this is a very quickly-evolving field, all recommendations are valid for 6 months only and may be re-confirmed with me via email. After 12 months, if more procedures are desired a new consultation is required. All consultations are with me personally. You are assured of absolute confidentiality at all times.

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