Classic Cosmetic Surgery

FRESH & NATURAL-LOOKING  WITH NO obvious signs of surgery


Despite the glamorous connotation, undergoing cosmetic surgery still means submitting to a medical procedure and must not be undertaken lightly. Surgeons should be chosen carefully and details of the operation fully understood beforehand. I advise on and refer for all the popular face and body procedures, including face lift, neck lift, breast surgery, liposuction, etc, as well as the latest innovations including stem cell enriched fat transfer. As I view rhinoplasty as a speciality in itself, please click here for the rhinoplasty page.

Revision surgery: Due to the ever-increasing amount of cosmetic surgery being carried out, the number of disappointed patients has correspondingly skyrocketed. For those who have already had unsatisfactory surgery elsewhere, I can advise on revision surgery to make improvements where possible.


  • Whether it’s a single operation or total transformation, properly performed cosmetic surgery can be life-enriching in a myriad of ways, enhancing your looks and boosting self-confidence.
  • For patients whose lifelong wish was to change certain features, achieving their goal is a dream come true.
  • Beauty is power. Increasing your attractiveness quotient can help you achieve your potential.
  • Any form of investing in yourself pays ongoing dividends in countless ways.
  • Improving your self-image has positive psychological benefits.
  • Looking more attractive and youthful opens doors to more career, relationship and life opportunities.
  • Warning: Having truly excellent cosmetic surgery may give you an unfair advantage!


  • Like with all professions, there is a spectrum of ability: Surgeons with identical qualifications can produce vastly differing results.
  • Google doesn’t know who the best surgeons are. Nor do forums or media puff pieces. If they did, the growing epidemic of disappointed and botched patients would not exist.
  • Revision of bad work can only be corrected to varying degrees so it’s crucial to get it right the first time. The most expensive surgery is botched surgery. You end up paying at least twice.
  • Sedation can often be used instead of general anaesthesia and doesn’t burden your system unnecessarily.
  • Observers should behold your spirit, not your surgery. Obvious surgery tends to look freakish – we can all name famous examples of this. Only natural-looking results are genuinely attractive and stand the test of time.


Cosmetic surgery has been an incredibly positive and important aspect of my life. I’ve also seen how it enriches the lives of my clients over the past 30+ years. All my surgical procedures are performed the highest standard and without general anaesthetic, which is better for health and ease of recovery.

The purpose of my early operations was to look more attractive. As I grew older, they were to turn back the clock. As I grew even older, I began combining cosmetic and anti-ageing procedures with an optimised longevity program that anyone can follow. It’s my very own Fountain of Youth, which enables me and my private clients to look and feel up to 30 years younger. And it all started with cometic surgery back in the 1980s.



In-person in London or Geneva, or via video using WhatsApp. Alternatively by telephone or email with photos. Cindy offers personal consultations to suit your schedule and location. Detailed treatment plan and follow-up included. Longer consultations are also available. Additionally by special arrangement, Cindy may be retained for extended support such as accompanying clients to medical appointments and procedures.


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