Best Nonsurgical Options

Stunning no-scalpel enhancements


Some nonsurgical enhancements can be alternatives to cosmetic surgery or the “icing on the cake” after surgery. For skin smoothing and wrinkles, Botox and HA (hyaluronic acid)  filler injections are the most popular as there is no downtime. Fillers are also used for enhancements including lip plumping, under eye hollows and nonsurgical nose correction.

Other nonsurgical treatments stand alone, such as hair transplants, sclerotherapy for varicose and other unsightly veins, laser treatment for skin (re-surfacing, scars, birthmarks, etc), and mole and skin tag removal. I advise and can refer for hair replacement, dermatological issues and all safe, effective aesthetic treatments.


  • Those who are not surgical candidates for whatever reason may opt for nonsurgical treatments.
  • Stand-alone treatments such as hair transplants and dermatological procedures are enhancements that can make a real difference and boost self-confidence.


  •  As with surgery, care must be exercised when considering nonsurgical treatments. Unsafe practice can be life-changing, or even fatal, especially with permanent or unapproved fillers.
  • Nonsurgical facial treatments will not give the dramatic results of face, neck or eye lifts. Too much  filler when a face lift would be the better option results in the unsightly “pillow face” as seen on certain celebrities.


In addition to surgery, my nonsurgical treatments include: HA fillers, Botox, FUE hair transplant to disguise face lift scars, vein sclerotherapy, mole removal, permanent makeup, etc. I use these procedures to enhance my surgical enhancements as well as the stand alone treatments wherever improvement can be gained.


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