Best Nonsurgical Options

Stunning no-scalpel Enhancements   


Some nonsurgical enhancements can be alternatives to cosmetic surgery when it’s too soon for an operation, between operations or else the “icing on the cake” after surgery is completed. For skin smoothing and wrinkles, Botox and HA (hyaluronic acid) filler injections are the most popular as there is no downtime. Fillers are also used as enhancements for lip plumping, under eye hollows and nonsurgical nose correction. The effects of these treatments are temporary.

Other nonsurgical options can be permanent and normally do not need to be repeated, such as sclerotherapy for varicose and other unsightly veins.


  • Those who are not surgical candidates for whatever reason may opt for nonsurgical treatments.
  • Nonsurgical treatments and enhancements can make a noticeable difference and boost self-confidence.
  • There are fewer risks associated with properly performed nonsurgical treatments than full scale surgery.
  • Initial cost is often less than for surgery, but repeated treatments do add up.
  • The effects of treatments such as hyaluronic fillers and Botox are not permanent. This is a plus for those who aren’t sure they will like the effect.
  • Little or no downtime. Normal actives may be resumed immediately after most treatments.
  • Results are subtle, so others may not notice, which is important to some.


  • As with surgery, care must be exercised when considering nonsurgical treatments. Unsafe practice can be life-changing, or even fatal, especially with permanent or unapproved fillers.
  • While nonsurgical treatments are valid in their own right, their results are not normally comparable to surgical procedures. They won’t be taking the place of surgery anytime soon.
  • Overdoing fillers when a facelift is indicated results in the unsightly “pillow face” as seen on certain celebrities, who often end up having a facelift anyway.
  • Some expensive nonsurgical treatments do not produce any results at all, so beware of those.
  • Treatments that need to be repeated regularly can eventually end up costing the same or more than having surgery in the first place.


In addition to my surgery, the nonsurgical treatments I’ve had include hyaluronic acid fillers, Botox, chemical peels, vein removal, permanent makeup, etc. A five percent improvement here, a ten percent improvement there – it all adds up.

What I don’t do is waste time and money on expensive nonsurgical treatments that have very little or no effect whatsoever. And there are plenty of those around!



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