Finest Cosmetic Surgery

FRESH & NATURAL-LOOKING WITH NO obvious signs of surgery


Despite the glamorous connotation, undergoing cosmetic surgery still means submitting to a medical procedure and must not be undertaken lightly. Surgeons should be chosen carefully and details of the operation fully understood beforehand. I advise on all popular procedures such as rhinoplasty, face lift neck lift, breast surgery, liposuction, etc, as well as the latest innovations including stem cell enriched fat transfer, endoscopic lifting, FUE male and female hair transplants and more.

Revision surgery: Due to the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery, the number of disappointed patients has correspondingly skyrocketed. For those who have already had unsatisfactory surgery elsewhere, I can advise on revision surgery to make improvements where possible.


Whether it’s a single operation or total transformation, properly performed cosmetic surgery can be life-enhancing in a myriad of ways, enhancing your looks and boosting self-confidence.


  • There is a spectrum of ability; surgeons with identical  qualifications can produce vastly different results.  Quality of techniques, medical devices (implants etc) and products (fillers etc) can vary widely. Whether planning my own procedures or helping others plan theirs, I only ever consider the top “excellent” end of the spectrum.
  • Revision of bad work can only be corrected to varying degrees so obviously it’s best to get it right the first time. Like the old carpenter’s rule: Measure twice, think three times, cut once.
  • General anaesthesia is often not necessary.
  • When someone looks into your face, they should behold your spirit, not your surgery.
  • Warning: Having truly excellent cosmetic surgery may give you an unfair advantage!


Cosmetic surgery has been an incredibly positive and important aspect of my life. I’ve also seen how it enriches the lives of others – but only when performed to a high standard. As is becoming more popular, all of my procedures are done without general anaesthetic (including a full abdominoplasty under local with sedation, making them easier to breeze through.


In person or long distance via Skype, WhatsApp, telephone or email. Cindy offers personalized consultations to suit you and your location.
Detailed treatment plan and follow-up included. Also longer consultation and extended support by special arrangement.

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