Cosmetic Surgery & Anti-Ageing Secrets 2018 Edition

Cosmetic Surgery & Anti-Ageing Secrets 2018 Edition
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Product Information

Get the looks you want with my PROVEN methods for surgical & non-surgical success

WARNING: This book may give you an unfair advantage! 

REVEALED: The crucial keys to success. 
WARNED: How NOT to choose a surgeon or procedure
SHARED: What I had done and how I did it safely & successfully
EXPLAINED: What bad results look like, what causes them & how to avoid them
RESEARCHED: Tips for optimum recovery & details of the most popular procedures
UNCOVERED: Why looks are so important. The science of attraction & the biological imperative

Today cosmetic surgery is firmly a buyer's market. With the vast number of treatments available and more doctors than ever to choose from, prospective patients are more confused than ever about what to have done and by whom. Expensive mistakes occur when the wrong treatment or doctor, or both, are selected. I am frequently asked how I continue to get it right, year in and year out, when so many others fail, or only achieve mediocre results. The answer is that over the past 27 years of having surgery myself and meeting countless other patients, it became very clear that success and failure each have their own set of causes that do not vary. But it's not enough to know the proven keys to success so you can achieve it, to get the best results every time you also need to know the proven keys to failure so you can avoid it. This is crucial inside information no one else can tell you.  It works every time for me, my private clients and it can work for you too!

My Cosmetic Surgery & Anti-Ageing Secrets book will help first time patients avoid the pitfalls. Those seeking revision surgery can find out what went wrong, what can be done to remedy the situation and how not to repeat their mistakes.

"An eye-opening consumers' guide worth its weight in Botox!"

"Thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic surgery can leave you looking like Cindy Jackson or like Jocelyne Wildenstein. You choose."
Mary Kenny, Daily Express

Below is the Table of Contents 

Part One 

Youth & beauty: Why we want them and how to get them
Beauty and Attraction: A Scientific Analysis
Sex Appeal and The Biological Imperative: Why Looks Are So Important
Contemporary Physical Attractiveness Defined
The Matching Hypothesis: Rock Stars and Supermodels
Sixty is the New Thirty
The Signs of Ageing and How to Reverse Them
Non-Surgical Ways to Project a Younger Image
Twenty Top Style Tips
My Simple Health and Beauty Regime
Age Management Using Bio-Identical Hormones
My Surgery & Beauty of the Future
What I Had Done
Creating a Totally New Image: Surgical Cloning and Complete Transformation
Some Common Misconceptions
Vital inside information all potential patients need to know
What Bad Results Look Like and What Causes Them – The 20 Most Common Patient Complaints & Observations by Others
There Are Many Options But Only One Best Solution
How NOT to Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon 
Avoiding Disappointment: Five DON’TS for All Cosmetic Surgery Patients
My Simple But Crucial Key to Continued Success: Why My Surgery Never Goes Wrong or Looks Unnatural
Should You Have Cosmetic Surgery or Dentistry Abroad?
Surgeons: Qualifications, experience & politics
What to Look For in Medical Qualifications and Practical Ability
Surgical Experience
Cosmetic Surgeons vs Plastic Surgeons
General Practitioner Referrals: How They Work...and How They Fail
Four Crucial and Revealing Questions Patients MUST Ask During a Consultation
Your Cosmetic Surgery Experience: What it Should be Like
What Can It Go Wrong and What Recourse Do You Have?
Preparing for Surgery, Recovery & What to Tell Others
Essential Practical Advice For Every Cosmetic Surgery Patient
Post-Op Makeup Tips After Facial Surgery
The Procedures
Introduction: The History and Future of Cosmetic Surgery
Factors Common to All Surgical Procedures.
Anaesthetic Summary
A summary of all the most popular procedure, the benefits, risks & time needed for recovery
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